About me

- Emerged into this world at the 4th of October 1983.

- Grew up in Jerusalem, Israel.

- Did a B.FA in the Screen Based Arts (Animation major) at the

  Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design (2010-2014).

  Graduation film - Sparks.

- Currently travelling and freelancing online

- My passion revolves around: creating stuff, outdoor activities,

  cooking, growing my own vegetables and travelling.

- At 15 I was the school champion in push-ups, with 250 reps.

- I have a green belt in karate.

- Places I've been to:

  Israel, New-Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Bali, China, India,

  Jordan, Croatia, Slovenia, Corsica, France, Italy, Switzerland,

  Netherlands, Norway, USA, Canada.

- I make my living as an Animator and Filmmaker.